In the summer of 2003, a rather discreet young man received a cap from the LA Dodgers, the legendary Los Angeles baseball franchise, for his 9th birthday. This gift was to be one of the triggers for his fascination with the USA and his passions for sport and fashion...

A few years later, he decided to elegantly revisit this classic of American culture. While retaining the emblematic elements that forged the success of this model, the DRIPPIN designer infuses an innovative vision by using unique materials and details, conferring a distinctive character to each of the 26 numbered pieces in this series.

"Let's cross eras while leaving our mark." P.L


To kick off his adventure, DRIPPIN’s creator decided to delve into the many beautiful memories of his university years spent in the United States. Having had the opportunity to study on both the East and West coasts, he wanted to breathe a timeless dimension into his very first creation.

Quite naturally, he reinterpreted one of the most emblematic pieces of American culture, the varsity jacket. Through this true symbol of elitism, pride and belonging, he let his imagination and singular vision express themselves.

This series of 10 unique, numbered pieces is the result of a dream he had one winter evening in his dorm room at Hillside on the campus of California State University, Long Beach.

In this dream, he imagined and drew the outlines of an academy in which each individual would be free to be authentic, to express himself fully, without constraints or barriers, to proudly display his differences and to be, quite simply, UNIQUE.

"Imagine a world where difference is a strength, not a weakness. A world where everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves." P.L